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Looking for a unique place to shop at? Come Shop at Vendors Mercantile. We have so much to choose from. Boutique Wear, Decor, Antiques, Gifts & So Much More. Come visit us at one of our two locations today.

Common Questions

What is Vendors Mercantile?

We are an upscale vendor boutique with many small businesses all located under one roof.

How long has Vendors Mercantile been open?

Midland location opened in August 2021 and our Odessa location opened in June 2022.

What are the store hours?

Tuesday through Saturday, 10am-5pm

What do I need to become a vendor?

We require a sales tax permit from the Texas Comptroller

How can I get a space?

Come by our Odessa or Midland location to walk through and choose a space that best fits your needs.

What is your return policy?


An example of items at a vendor booth at Vendors Mercantile in Texas

Who we Are

About Us

Vendors Mercantile is a locally-owned, small family business. The idea came from two cousins shopping in the metropolitan area. It was nothing but a dream to have an upscale vendor boutique. Thanks to my husband, I’m able to have my dream come true ! ! ! We were blessed to open our first location in Midland, TX in August 2021 and now here we are with our second location in Odessa, TX. Vendors Mercantile works hard at providing a great location for others to have their small business inside of a brick and mortar storefront. Our family prides itself in creating a fun and healthy environment for our customers and vendors. Stop by one of our locations to shop or to pick your space. You must come prepared to have fun, laugh, and maybe even dance a little! ! !
Start small and dream big.
Arenivas family

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